Dr. Chris Wachira

Dr. Chris Wachira

  • Founder/CEO, Wachira Wines
  • [The Wachira Group]

Being born and raised in Kenya, afforded me a uniquely global perspective in leadership. I'm passionate about minority equity and access. Using my diversity of knowledge and experience, I choose to take a disruptive approach to industries by creating pipelines for minorities. I develop bold solutions through strategic planning, strong analytics and often a healthy dose of resourcefulness. This is best reflected in the entities I have founded.

In healthcare, I envision systems in which every patient has equitable access to innovative care. I choose to focus on population-level factors that impact health outcomes and drive inequity. I utilize my years of experience in Improvement Science to identify health policy gaps and to drive global health conversations around innovative evidence-based interventions that facilitate equity.

The Wachira Group is passionate about equitable access to resources and markets as well as sustainable agribusiness to protect our shared planet. My focus in the beverage industry is on generating opportunities for minorities and small batch crafters to either enter the industry or to gain market share for their products.

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