Molly Matelski

Molly Matelski

  • Co Founder, Mmmm...Enjoy
  • [Wine Brand]

Co-Founder and face of Mmmm...Enjoy., Molly Matelski comes from a hospitality background, having managed hotel food and beverage operations in over 20 hotels nationwide. Following her corporate tenure, Molly began consulting for Italian F&B companies and restaurants opening and emerging in the U.S. market and has completed project work for the Italian American Chamber of Commerce, bringing her to Italy on many occasions.

Through this work, Molly became passionate about Italian wine. She loved the producers and the quality, but felt that it was stuck in the past and more importantly, found walking down the Italian wine aisle to be intimidating and confusing for many. Coupled with Molly's previous experience in restaurants where wine was seen as a pleasure reserved for the elite, Molly wanted Italian wine to be for everyone and to capture the essence of the Italian way of life: to enjoy the moment and the people you are with. This inspired her to collaborate with her Italian partner to make such a wine brand a reality.


Launched in Chicago in April of 2022 by hospitality veteran Molly Matelski and her Italian partner, Mmmm...Enjoy. offers unpretentious, inviting and colorful premium Italian wines, making life's moments effortlessly enjoyable. With fun, bold packaging and award-winning wine, Mmmm...Enjoy. helps anyone feel confident walking down the wine aisle and grabbing a bottle of premium Italian wine for their next date night, event, gift or anything in between.

​ Mmmm...Enjoy. Wines are: *Local, Women-Owned *Vegan Friendly *No unnatural additives *Low Sugar (0.4 - 2 grams per glass) *Single Vintage (for freshest/purest product) *Undergo strict selection process - only the best final product is used, the rest is sold off ​ *Must be 21+; always drink responsibly.

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