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Joni Rials is a super wine enthusiast, a curious world traveler as well as an ICU RN, Joni Rials founded Seek and Sip Travel with the belief that wine shouldn’t be intimidating and travel should be accessible to everyone.

“I wanted to make the world of wine relatable to more people, you know? My goal is to remove the barriers and pretentiousness that exist and bring the beauty of this industry to those ready to grow and experience it. I also wanted to build a business my dad would be proud of”

After experiencing the connection between wine culture and travel, she began traveling and studying different regions and global destinations known for excellence in wine and spirits production. She slowly built Seek and Sip Travel and believes this to be true….

“Wine tasting on a fantastic vineyard is a MILLION times better than sipping a regular glass of Chianti at your kitchen counter! Visiting an agave farm in Guadalajara, Mexico and sipping a fine Tequila is even more special because you are there IN PERSON experiencing the culture.... in front of the farmer, the winemaker or master distiller who created this masterpiece in your glass!”

Ms. Rials holds a WSET Level II Wine Certification. She also earned the Comité Interprofessionnel Du Vin de Champagne Certification: An organization representing and regulating the business of Champagne in France.

She also hold various certifications through global tourism boards, has contributed to various media outlets and hosts a weekly streaming wine travel show “ The Perfect Sip” exploring the intersection between wine/spirits, culture and travel.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've always imagined” - Thoreak

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