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In August of 2019, a team of four aspiring family members collectively merged and brought their ideas together to form “Good2Go Veggie”.

Our mission at Good2Go Veggie is to vigorously support, advocate and propagate the plant-based lifestyle. One of the first items created by Good2Go Veggie was the “Shock’N Shrimp,” a plant based shrimp that fits perfectly on any menu. Vegan, vegetarian and non-vegan consumers absolutely love the Shock’N Shrimp. They were all truly shocked by how delicious the plant based shrimp was, and how it tastes so similar to the real thing!

We manufacture and distribute groundbreaking plant-based foods and products. We also create, organize and facilitate engaging plant-based events and activities that are Good2Go! We are committed to creating plant based food options that vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters will enjoy. Our food is “shockingly vegan and shockingly delicious!"

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